Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teaching The Toyota Way - keep it easier !

Many people ask me "Do you make teaching it much easier" in your 'classes'?

NB.: Toyota Way refers to TPS, Lean, Hoshin-Kanri and more... as it is the world's leading way to manage and grow any enterprise whether large or small. Core people values (participate, learn, team, decide,..) are accentuated.

OKAY so my basic approach to teaching The Toyota Way is simplified like this: Firstly: breakdown the subject matter into bite-sized and must-be-delicious chunks and enjoy the practical stuff which this 'class' is all about.

I use the same 12 "Management" elements since the beginning of my blog posts; namely:
Q,C,D, .. S,M,P, .. T,E,F, .. G,I,R.

  • Q, C, D..... all enterprises' first 3 concerns are standard throughout the world: Quality, Cost and Delivery..... i.e. "on spec; on budget; on time".

  • S, M, P..... the 3 people elements: Safety, Morale (includes training) and Productivity teams and such.

  • T, E, F..... 3 'engineering-type' concerns such as: Technical (engineering, R&D,..), Environmental, and Finance concerns like debt level etc.

  • G, I, R ..... 3 customer-centric elements: 'Global' means your market concerns on a big picture view (global), Innovation and Relations with customers.
With each element I explain The Toyota Way: what, where, how it applies, how it is practical and benefical. Not by tongue wagging, no! I always use tools, tips, techniques, templates that the 'student' can take away and put to immediate use.

Not only is it enjoyable (fun !) learning all kinds of tools, tips, techniques, templates, lil' rules, systems, etc but it is also therapeutic knowing that you are expanding your mind with the grounded, honest principles of a Business Way that:
A......... supports people be they employees, customers, suppliers .. and,
B......... eliminates waste, shrinks bottlenecks, improves profits with everyone joining-in.

Thanks for asking, Mike :)

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