Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheat Sheet to Help You Choose a Consultant

Good morning!! ... I read in the Globe&Mail's Small Business Section Thursday that all companies- large or small, should have a "demonstration script" to give to their prospective consultant vendors.
A great idea!!

Here's my version: (I call it a 'Cheat Sheet')

To: All Management Consultancy Vendors:

In your presentation to our company, please demonstrate HOW your consultancy will achieve the following for our company should we contract you.


  1. HOW you will act as a teacher and as a coach.

  2. Your 'system' of Corporate Planning & Control et al.

  3. Visioning- visually so as to communicate our path with images.

  4. Which 'best practices' (list) you intend to impart to us.

  5. Road to TQM, .. Total Quality Management.

  6. HOW you will keep it simple.

  7. Your promotion of Continuous Innovation.

  8. Dr.Deming of PDCA fame.

  9. Your list of tools (eg ‘QC 7 Tools’) that will be taught.

  10. Visual Control.

  11. HOW you will have our people involved.

  12. How our people will achieve Continuous Learning.

  13. Values such as Reflection et al.

  14. Your expectation of what you will GIVE to us overall.

  15. Your full fees and costs explained.

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