Monday, April 9, 2012

Operational Auditing Methodology

Here is my approach to the Operations Audit mandate:

  1. Describe what, how, etc are generic SYSTEM expectations.

  2. With the CEO, CFO, identify the organization's main Operational Systems.

  3. Examine System Weaknesses.

  4. Make repairs based on experience and best practice.

  5. Noteably make use of "The Toyota Way" (Lean)

  6. Deployment and Results with increased morale and strength

Let me help you by training, advising or auditing.


The Auditor General of Canada recently exposed System Weaknesses in the intent to buy F35 jets. It reminds me that any company or organization should seek to have an Operations Audit done from time to time.

This is not a financial audit. An Operational Audit examines the organization and it's practices.
We need to identify our weaknesses as an organization before getting stronger - and - certainly Getting Stronger is our organizational aim.

So we examine those systems, those systemic weaknesses, and decide on repairs.
Repairs can be found from best practices and benchmarks like "The Toyota Way" and others.

Use good audit methodology and someone with plenty of experience.
Let your Managing Director, CEO, CFO or Corporate Planner lead this activity.

I can help you achieve this by training, advising and auditing.