Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting started with Hoshin

In this blog, I'm introducing one of my early steps in the implementation of Hoshin into an Organization's Strategic Management Process.
Simply this, do the usual SWOT but do it by each target area of the enterprise.
These 12 areas get kept forever. This is one of the long-term advantages of applying Hoshin.
Source: we used this during my 20 years (as EVP) at a Toyota subsidiary.
Best wishes in your Hoshin implementation.
Mike Davis


  1. Mike, this is so very helpful. I am always amazed at how thorough Toyota is in everything it does. 12 dimensions? Wow. The Balanced Scorecard, which is modeled after hoshin, has only 4! But you're right. It forms a permanent framework for strategic thinking.

  2. Thanks Tom. I'm going to the Ottawa Hospital tomorrow to see if they would like this Toyota approach!!
    Mike Davis