Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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" "It has now been over four and a half decades since Toyota invented the version of hoshin kanri that will eventually become management's new gold standard" "
So I'm asking how can we get the mesage out?


  1. Mike, in answer to your question, there are many fronts on which this battle must be fought. First, we must blog and twitter. It's dirty work, but it must be done. By the way, I am as new to this as you are. Second, we must publish books. There are now two good handbooks for doing hoshin on the market: my own and that of Pascal Dennis (published by Womack's LEI). But there is no book about the historical significance of hoshin. Third, we must speak out. I'm lucky to have two hoshin-related speaking engagements this year. One in Mexico and one in Italy, but nothing in the U.S. Go figure. I need to fix that. Fourth, we have to do something about those accountants! I believe (H. Thomas Johnson has written about this in his Shingo Prize-winning book, Profit beyond Measure) that Toyota made accounting (as we know it) obsolete in 1960-63, when it implemented hoshin as part of its adoption of Total Quality Management. At that time some total genius figured out that TQM could be applied to cost management, and thus target costing, kaizen costing, and the master methodology of profit management were born. But how many people (least of all the accountants) know about that?

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