Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lean Management Foundations

Let's make place for the many human-based foundation principles such as:

  •  cross-functional,  ..    multi-disciplinary,
  • deep reflection (both personal & team),
  • counter-measure,
  • at-a-glance visual evaluation, visual symbols etc,
  • attainment of levels of progress; bronze - silver -gold - etc
  • present day LEAN tools sets such as SPC, 0 DFFP and the whole range of TPS,
  • PDCA based (ref. Dr. Edwards Deming),
  • 3G, 4M, 5 Whys' and 7 QC Tools, and QC Story Board,
  • 'Tamazume' massive creative input for ''Cost-Half '',
  • the journey leading us to TQM
  • + all good innovation-collaboration tools
Mike Davis,   You are welcome to ask questions. 


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