Friday, June 24, 2011

Toyota guru helps a large enterprise.

How does a Toyota guru (i.e. Toyota manufacturing top executive) help a large enterprise to achieve its NEW goals?

  1. First, a good dialogue over 2 days with the each of the enterprise's top 5 executives: on many subjects, a few of those subjects would include the 6 below:

  2. Historically what are the Plans and achievements so far to date? How well is "Management By Objectives" (MBO) practiced over here?

  3. What is the current level of understanding of (Dr.Deming's PDCA) Plan, Do, Check (and reflect), Act-Adjust? Reviews of progress are formal (written) or informal and at what frequency- weekly?, monthly?

  4. Are all the 12 Corporate Base Elements being covered? Please see my earlier blog posts for QCDSMPTEFGIR. Q= Quality, C = Cost, D=Delivery, S=Safety, and so on.

  5. How to describe "the culture of improvement" in this place(s).

  6. What are the ''dynamics'', or driving forces, that exist to get new goals accomplished? Are these within the "culture" or the character of the leader?

  7. What are the biggest roadblocks?

  8. Secondly, the guru shall a) define their "management system" and present culture, and b) find THE NEW necessary amendment to that "management system".

  9. This amendment takes the existing system and shoulders it with The Toyota Way (i.e. Lean Management Way).

  10. A healthy understanding of this change is next. The 5 top executives wring out this change amongst themselves with the help of the guru.

  11. Some questions amongst themselves will be "Are we prepared to make a change ourselves?" "How do we do this in bite-sized increments?" "Let's be sure we keep it simple!" "Which tools and techniques are we ready to deploy now?, and later?

  12. Thirdly, a more widespread basic training begins for the Top Management levels. This can produce more fine tuning to the management system amendments as the guru and the Top-5 listen to the other executives and work to get it right for the entire enterprise.

  13. Culture change will be evident and will need to be addressed as a major objective itself.

  14. Fourthly, Plan the management system change implementation. Keep it simple!

  15. Benefits: The Toyota Way management system gets objectives DONE.

  16. More on that at

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