Saturday, October 3, 2009

Implementing Hoshin : let's get started.

In this blog, I'm continuing the introduction of one of the early steps in the implementation of Hoshin into an Organization's Strategic Management Process. (See also a post in August)
Simply this: form the VP's team and together put a target into each of the 12 goal areas of your enterprise.
These 12 areas get kept forever. This is one of the long-term advantages of applying Hoshin.
Responsibility for the planning and accomplishment of each company-wide target is determined by the VP's working together. They become the first cross-functional team.
Thereafter everyone is in sync with the organization's cross-functional objectives and the implementation methods and their role in the action. "Silos" are no longer the m.o. This is the secret of Hoshin. NEXT: implementation steps, charts, meetings, updates, control ... PDCA and the like.
Source: we used this during my 18 years as the Vice-President at our Toyota subsidiary.
Best wishes in your Hoshin implementation.
Mike Davis

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